Sunday, March 11, 2012

Regional Sales Director: Nicole Renshaw


Let me Introduce to you our NEWEST
Regional Sales Director
Nicole Renshaw

My name is Nicole Renshaw I am happily married with 4 beautiful kids. My life has always been up and down. I had a good childhood however my parents separated when I was young. So I lived with my dad and grandma and grew up in Sunny Southern California. I never finished high school because I started hanging out with my older cousin ditching class and just not going to school. I did go to a continuation school but never finished. So I got mediocre jobs here and there. My parents got me my first place when I was 18 years because I was working at the same place my mom worked at.

At the age of 19 my parents sent me to Indiana to help my step brother out with his daughter while out there I had my oldest son Austin at the age of 21. When Austin was 6 months old I moved back to California and lived with my mom until I got on my feet. While all this was going on I lost my Nana my Mom’s mom. Needles to say I spiraled downwards doing stupid things.

When I was 23 years old and Austin was 2 I meet my future husband Steve. We got a place together in Camarillo California where we lived until we moved to Oxnard and got a place with his mom. I had my twins Kaitlyn and Steven in 2002. I call them my goblin babies because they were born on October 30th. We where both working at the same place and May of 2005 we had our 4th child a beautiful Girl, Courtney.
My mom moved to North Carolina since her company was closing down they offered her a job out in Nc. September of 2006 we came out to visit and loved it we saw that houses where cheaper and that it was a nice place to raise a family so that December we moved out to North Carolina.

I got a job at a temp agency when we moved out here and was there for 1 year then my temp assignment ended. I was out of work until I got a job at a GI doctor’s office and was there for a short while. June of 2008 is when me and Steve got married we flew back to California since that is where my dad and his family were. When we came back 1 month later on July 3rd the Gi office laid me off.

I was out of work until January of 2009 when I started working from home for a friend doing cold calling getting leads for health insurance. I was looking for something with better pay and got a job with a company that I still work with right know until I get my Ameriplan business up and running. I basically set appointments for different industries. While doing all this I went back to school and got my Associates Degree in Health care Admin and billing and Coding.
I wanted something where I could be my own boss and make the type of money monthly that I do not have to worry about bills or having to punch a clock. I found Melaluca and it was alright but

then ...
I found Ameriplan and Sheila Poytner she and Ameriplan have been the best thing that has happened to me. I finally found the company I was looking for where I can build a nice business and make a great monthly income with.
I would like to take the time to thank Dennis and Daniel Bloom for creating Ameriplan and this opportunity. I also would like to thank Kristie Wooten NSD and the wonderful Boot Camp she put together. And also take the time to thank My NSD Michelle Stefferson she is very insightful and has a lot of great advice to give. She is a wonderful person. Everyone I have meet over the phone are great people and have a lot to give someone who is new in Ameriplan. Listen to them and you will go far. I just hope that one day I can meet everyone in person.

~Nicole Renshaw
Regional Sales Director
Ameriplan USA
The Bottom Line... Just Make That Decision to Get ER DONE!! There are many Blessings That Come Your Way When You Do!

SRSD here I come!

From Her PROUD Enroller & and Friend
Nicole I am SO SO Proud of you. You are not only a joy and inspiration to myself but other members of the team as well. IYou have the drive and determination to be a HUGE success. I am so honored to have you as part of team as well as my life. Looking forward to more as we climb the Ameriplan® ladder together!!

Sheila Poynter
Senior Regional Sales Director
From Her PROUD National Sales Director and Friend

I am Honored to be in your Space. You Worked so hard towards this goal and Never once did you say you'd quit if you didn't get there. This is just one of Many Accomplishments my dear. You WILL have so many more!! and I'm Filled with so much gratitude that I am here on that glorious journey with you!!

Wooo Hooo Girl!!! I'm doin my Wiggle dance!
See You at the TOP!!!
Hey... I got a seat warming up for you right here lady!!
Your VERY PROUD National Sales Director
Michelle Stefferson, NSD

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